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Did i mention lapis is my fav gem STEVEN UNIVERSE t
The One Where We Realize Peridot and Lapis Are An Actual Couple - 'Steven Universe'
As time went on, Lapis' character became less and less believable. We don't know anything about her. What her purpose is, why she was on earth in the first ...
Lapis first made her appearance in the episode "Mirror Gem". Steven was given a mirror by Pearl to learn about their history. Eventually, Steven discovers ...
I think she was too to lazy fix her hair on that episode, but meh, it's because of different storyboard artists. They like to mess around Lapis's hair pfft
Recap / Steven Universe S1E26 "Ocean Gem"
Have you guys seen the new leak of steven universe? it's AWESOME. Malichite vs Alexandrite
I've been a huge fan of Steven Universe ever since it aired back in 2013, but I'm not a long-term member of this Amino. So, in order for you guys to get ...
That's creepy | Steven universe | Pinterest | Steven universe, Steven universe gem and Universe
Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli Galaxy my favorite character
my hat flew off so many times when i cosplayed Bob so I was very in. Steven Universe BobLapis ...
They so far have been painted as a totalitarian society, though. Recording the fighting isn't exactly good propaganda.
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I love Lapis she's so pretty I'm going to cry lookit my favorite little water baby smiling I bet she would shatter Jasper given the chance look at her she's ...
Share; Tweet. Here at the Fandomentals, we love Steven Universe.
We are the Homeworld Gems theme song - pg01 | Steven Universe | Steven universe, Universe, Gems
Maybe my favorite char, if I didn't love them all haha Lapis
Redemption for Lapis and Jasper? | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
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This is the exact way ive been describeing how steven and his gem works and how
lapis is my favorite crystal gem Lapis Lazuli Steven Universe, Lapidot, Universe Art,
Wtf stupid bitch don't hurt perry and lapis!!
Lapis in the human AU. Steven universe human AU , human au , Human gems , human lapis , I recolored this on color effects. I don't own Steven Universe .
did i mention lapis is my fav gem?
Lapis Lazuli is probably my favorite Steven Universe character.
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My new favorite character enter the next episode. I can't look away hhhhhhh Steven Universe ...
It's over, isn't it?
My favorite blue gems, that have tear shaped gems, water wings, are so overpowered, and look innocent, but aren't
ok ok that's REALLY CUTE i hate lars, i can really picture Jasper and Steven becoming really close. I think Jasper will end up joining the Crystal Gems, ...
It's better late than never, steven universe icons, you are free to use your favourite design! The credits are optional, happy December everyone!
After the parents and Steven, Peridot is Mala's favorite person!
LAPIS AND PERIDOT TO FUSE, *ahem* I-I didn't say anything... *cough* Lapis and peridot fusion *cough*
Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli Steven Universet, Lapidot, Stjerner, Kruseduller, Diamanter, Universet
As you can see by the picture, Lapidot SUCKS. People are shipping something that is new and has not been host to any sort of romantic or even ...
dreamingbee: “so a lovely anon suggested i draw peri and lapis in pride garb, and i couldn't not draw it because the idea was so cute?
Steven Universe fan art pearl garnet ruby sapphire rose scabbard sword quartz lapis lazuli fusion love
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Lapis is a great character, they just made her the wrong way when it comes to personality. I can see there wasn't a lot of effort put into her.
Today is must first blog excluding the SU hiatus one cause that was just a edited picture I made. But I'm starting this series called #TopSU which will be ...
Lol, it's like you come up with something really good in your head
I hope somebody gets this joke also I don't hate perl I she is in my top 5 fav characters list. Raquel Battifora · Steven universe
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FanworksSniper Lapis ...
[Spoiler] Lapis will not be pleased with her (probably) ...
The Crystal Gems⭐ Finally got around to finishing this one up! I had to
Amazon.com: Funko Mystery Mini: Steven Universe - One Mystery Figure: Funko Mystery Mini:: Toys & Games
Crystal gem X reader
Steven Universe Eviscerates New Jersey, ...
Steven Universe Characters X Reader (COMPLETED)
Steven Universe - Gem Harvest Half-Hour Special (Promo)
Lapis Lazuli Anime Steven Universe | my favorite things: space, water, flowy ribbons
FanartI made Steven Universe crop tops and wore my favorite Gem ...
Now's your chance to create your very own custom fandom sampler set! Select six samples of your favorite blends from any collection and we will create a box ...
Steven Universe
Unlike my Opal pic, I think I did my favourite gem justice. < < < < this is amazing art!
Season 2. "
In all honesty, if Lapis gets written off the show like this, not only will she likely become my new favorite character, but will probably be a huge turning ...
Steven Universe || Lapis + Peridot Fusion [Speedpaint]
'Steven Universe' Post-Show Analysis: Season 4, Episode 8: 'Gem Harvest'
alone at sea. The Recap: Steven ...
Steven Universe Characters
Lapis getting sucked under by Jasper in Malachite's Realm.
Issue 1 (2017)
Cartoon Network's critically acclaimed, Tumblr beloved series Steven Universe may seem like simple superhero wish fulfillment on the surface, but underneath ...
Steven Universe - Movie Spoiler
Steven Universe - Steven, Connie, Lion, Jasper, Peridot, Pearl, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, Sapphire, Amethyst, Rose Quatrtz, Centip…
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Some argue that Lapis is a bad guy based on the fact that she attacked the Crystal Gems and that she did try to drown Connie and Steven.
Awesome / Steven Universe
Ranking the Definitive Episodes for the Characters of Steven Universe - The Fandomentals
Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem
What is your favorite song from Steven Universe so far and why is it Giant Woman? : stevenuniverse
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Anyway, day one is your favorite crystal gem. I don't really know if Peridot and Lapis would count but just in case I'm going to say Pearl is my favorite ...
Fanart of Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe I did a week ago ^q^ Really