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My sulcata tortoise feeding pen She loves her collard greens and
My sulcata tortoise feeding pen. She loves her collard greens and rose petals.
... Sulcata tortoise for sale cheap ...
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sulcata tortoise for sale
sulcata tortoise
Female sulcata tortoise
Baby Sulcata Tortoise spur thighed tortoise for sale ...
more tortoises
How Sulcata Tortoises Became America's Most Adorable Mistake I love these guys and I want one to care for eventually but I am against breeding.
Sulcata tortoise hatchlings
Photo by: Pat Johnson Mike Curtin takes his son Chase into the tortoises' backyard pen. They feast on fresh vegetables, tomatoes, carrots, leafy greens ...
Russian Tortoise Care Sheet & Russian Tortoise Care Information
... baby Sulcata tortoise ...
Sulcata tortoise
The sulcata tortoise can adapt to various climates and habitats in captivity.
Geochelone sulcata
Feeding your turtle or tortoise
baby sulcata tortoise care
Sulcata tortoise
Baby sulcata tortoise
Hawaii Sulcata tortoise.
Love kale. Find this Pin and more on Sulcata Tortoise ...
Year old sulcata tortoise in its burrow.
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Meet melon pan; my sulcata tortoise Sulcata Tortoise, Russian Tortoise, Tortoises, Turtle
Zoo Med Natural Tortoise Food, 35-Ounce, Grassland
A Sulcata Tortoise ...
Feeding Your Baby Leopard Tortoise:
juvenile sulcata tortoise
Zoo Med Natural Tortoise Food, 60-Ounce, Grassland
Does anyone know anything about turtles?
... baby sulcata tortoises ...
Baby Sulcata Tortoise ...
Med tortoise daily, moderation and sparingly feeds. Horsefield Tortoise, Tortoise Rescue, Hermann
Sulcata Tortoise Care Sheet Spurred tortoise African Spur Thighed Tortoise
Sulcata tortoise
Greek tortoises inhabit a variety of arid habitats in Northern Africa, southwest Asia and southern
Zoo Med Natural Tortoise Food, 60-Ounce, Forest
New small Grape Leaves are a favorite for the desert tortoise Tortoise Food, Tortoise Habitat
Image may contain: plant, grass, outdoor and nature
Olive The Torty She is a russian (horsfield) tortoise and nearly 8 months old! So friendly, loving and adorable!
DIY Sugru Tortoise Tracker - a great way to keep track of your tortoises, especially
Here is a picture of "Scrubs"
30 year old Sulcata Giant Tortoise gave birth to a clutch of 45 hatchlings Giant Tortoise
Sulcata Tortoise baby
The Tortoise Banquet Block is designed to offer your Tortoises and Box Turtles supplemental calcium while helping to maintain the beak and offer enrichment.
Tortaddiction: Baby Russian tortoise care sheet (also for other herbivorous tortoise species)
Desert tortoise
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Although they were from the same clutch, the one on the right has some kind of birth defect where her bottom jaw tends to grow over the top one.
We also use spring mixes (particularly with baby sulcata tortoises), which have several leafy ingredients in them, and we supplement with kale, collard ...
building a sulcata tortoise pen
adult sulcata tortoise Sulcatas are grazers and will gladly eat ...
Image titled Create an Indoor Box Turtle Habitat Step 1
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red-footed tortoises eating
Gourmet garden delights today! 🥗🐢 . . . . . #tortoise #turtle
Ornate box turtles are some of the most popular pet box turtle species.
Mo was one of my rescues. His beak was EVEN longer when we first got him!
Sulcata tortoise care sheet
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American Tortoise Rescue Calls for a Moratorium on Sales
Please help! My sulcata is pyramiding and I have no idea why (more info in comments) ...
Sulcata Tortoise Food
Mike ...
Family: Testudinidae Picture of a Red-footed Tortoise, Geochelone carbonaria
Mike ...
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In ...
Redfoot Tortoise Diet Includes Papaya
Geochelone sulcata
aldabra tortoise care
A grown sulcata tortoise is as big as a dog.
Desert Tortoise Diet
The red-footed tortoise can live more than 50 years.
(picture used with permission from Siu)
Mike ...
... one tortoise in an enclosure once they are older than two years. I definitely do not recommend keeping a baby tortoise together with an adult tortoise!
turtle playing in the grass
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Full grown female.
turtle nail trimming
... PopSci_Longevity_SC2_072 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_073 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_074 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_077 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_078 PopSci_Longevity_SC2_079 ...
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best pet tortoises
sulcata enclosure
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turtle eating plants. This tortoise has sever and ...