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Formal portrait of King Zog of Albania photographed in military
Formal portrait of King Zog of Albania photographed in military uniform, 1928 : News Photo
Portrait of King Zog of Albania circa 1930
King Zog of Albania son of an Albanian chief he became president of Albania and then
8th April 1939 Albania A formal picture of King Zog of Albania
King Zog Of Albania
12th March Profile of King Zog of Albania
King Zog of Albania in military regalia 1936
King Zog of Albania meets with Italian Fascist Foreign Minister Count Ciano 1936
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Albania to Repatriate Remains of King Zog
King Zog of Albania son of an Albanian chief he became president of Albania and then
King Zog of Albania (deceased)
Half-length portrait of the Emperor of Germany William II, shown in military dress
King Zog I King of Albania during a visit to London
King Zog I Of Albania
03, 1958 - Prince Leka - son of Ex-King Zog of
King Zog I
Hysen, nephew of the new King of Albania who has been given the title of
Albanian King Zog I - Stock Image
A June 4 2013 shows Albania's pretender to the throne Crown Prince Leka Zogu II the
King Zog of Albania & Queen Geraldine
King of the Albanians
King Zog I And Italian Foreign Minister
King Ahmet Muhtar Zogolli ZOG I of Albania 1939 RPPC | eBay
The Albanian prime minister Shefqet Verlaci, who approved the settlement of Italian colonists in 1940
1939- Italian troops overthrow their Albanian puppet King Zog to exert direct power over the area. Mussolini works to incorpora…
King Frederik VIII of Denmark
Vitorioemanuel.jpg. Portrait in 1919
Stock Photo - AHMAD ZOGU, King of Albania from 1928 until 1939, when fascist Italy invaded Albania. He came from a Muslim family served in the Austrian army ...
EDITORIAL King Zog and his wife Geraldine. Zog I, 1895 – 1961. Prime
"Essad Pasha Toptani or Esad Pasha Toptani (Albanian: Esad Pashë Toptani; 1863 – 13 June primarily known as Essad Pasha, was Ottoman army officer, ...
Leka, Crown Prince of Albania, son of King Zog Geraldine
King Zog and Queen Geraldine
Prince Leka. official photo
Albania's untold story
Leka Zogu seemed unaware of the weakness of Albanians' support for the monarchy. Photograph: Rex Features
Albania King Zog (1938)
Enver Hoxha
Wedding of Albanian King Zog I - Stock Image
King Zog: Self-Made Monarch of Albania
Zog And Geraldine - Stock Image
President of Albania
HRH Crown Prince Leka II of Albania
Kingfarouk1948.jpg. King Farouk I in military uniform
Benito Mussolini
Chatin Sarachi in London.
Albanian president-elect Ilir Meta
Good King Michael
King Zog and his sisters in white uniforms (1936)
A Balkan Sister Act! "Rule Ruritania!" Myzejen, Ruhije & Maxhide, Fly The Albanian Flag On A Semi-Official Visit To The States!
The Genealogy of the Royal House of Albania. zog.jpg
Copyright: Albanian Royal Court - http://www.albanianroyalcourt.al/
Italian occupation of Albania - Stock Image
Victor Emmanuel III, 1869 to 1947. King of Italy 1900 to 1946, Emperor
General Maurice Sarrail, commander of the Allied forces on the Macedonian front.
King Zog and sisters in the National Guard
pretender to the Albanian throne king Leka Zog on a walkabout Skhoder, Albania - Stock
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King Leka II was born in 1982 and spent the bulk of
Prince Wilhelm
Chief of the Albanian General Staff
Major General Spiro Moisiu as military chief of the NLA.
King Zog of Albania with his three sisters. | people | Albania, King, Montenegro
The contribution of the Albanian people to the great victory over fascism
Zog remained king until April 1939, then lived in exile until his
October 22nd: in a past life, you could have been Queen Geraldine of Albania
KING ZOG: Self-made Monarch of Albania: Tomes, Jason
Ali Shefqet Shkupi
Geraldine of Albania
post-5692-034209400 1295213903_thumb.jpg
"King Leka I" and "Queen Susan"
Zog I of Albania Robert Elsie Albanian Voices
Jeronim Bazo
Occupied Albania (1939–1944)
King Umberto II of Italy
His father was just a few days old when the family was exiled from Albania due
King Leka II married longtime fiancee Elia Zaharia in a ceremony in Tirana
William, Prince of Albania
Saudi Princess flees Paris after ordering bodyguard to kill a man
Lenka Çuko (born 8 July 1938 in Lushnjë ) is a former Albanian politician of the Albanian Party of Labour (PPSh).
The well educated king speaks Albanian, English, Italian and some Zulu. He and
Mehmet Shehu as a partisan
Fritzi Owens (c) JWM Productions 2009
King Zog's Wedding In Albania (1938)
Zog I of Albania Leka Zog Life After the Throne TIME
Laying the foundation of the new Albania
Zog became president in 1924 until 1928, after a stint as prime minister, and
Albania, Durres, former palace of King Zog - Stock Image