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As a Ravenclaw I can indeed attest to being overdramatic all the time
As a Ravenclaw I can indeed attest to being overdramatic all the time
Pin by *distant screaming* on Harry Potter | Pinterest | Ravenclaw, Harry potter and Hogwarts
I've honestly thought about these exact same things myself. The more I read about Ravenclaw's, the more I think I might be one
I'm a ravenclaw confirmed
This is literally me and my friend (who are sorted into these houses)
Nothing has ever described my life more
YES I LIKE THIS Harry Potter Houses, Hogwarts Houses, Harry Potter Fandom, Ravenclaw
19 Times Tumblr Understood What It Meant To Be In Ravenclaw
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I've got this headcanon that since finding out about Sirius' bad childhood, James started praising Sirius for every bloody thing he did, like every exam ...
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I'm so surprised I'm not a Ravenclaw when I see things like this, it's way too accurate.
I'm a Ravenclaw, and I would go into my friends' dorms to pet their cats.
Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw complimenting Slytherin (hogwartsincorrectquotes on tumblr)
p: @isobelvatilioti Slytherin House, Slytherin Pride, Hogwarts Houses, Ravenclaw, Harry
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It often surprises me how ravenclaw I am... I'm a ravenclaw which makes is that much worse XD
I now think I shud have been a ravneclaw rather than Gryffindor Harry Potter Fandom,
that is very me, I am both the puff and the raven here, internally and to others | BESTIE in 2018 | Pinterest | Harry potter memes, Harry Potter and ...
Houses as tiny turn ons Marauder, Harry Potter Quotes, Harry Potter World, Hufflepuff
Pin by Lydia Hronski on Harry Potter | Pinterest | Ravenclaw and Harry potter
I find the Ravenclaw study habits to be adorable but I laughed so hard at the Gryffindor one ❤️
This is so true
I'm The Book Worm
I'm gryffindor, but this is true HAHAHA Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter
Ravenclaw, Harry Potter
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Or how about non-gendered sections if they're all singles? We're the most open minded house, we shouldn't be enforcing genders onto everyone.
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Ravenclaw Aesthetics>>HElp This is too accurate Ravenclaw, Slytherin Pride, Harry
The Slytherin meant something else.... | Hogwarts W/ The Houses | Pinterest | Harry Potter, Ravenclaw and Slytherin
I am the ravenclaw always
Ahh yes this is perfect! I mean my friends and I are truly dead inside!
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Technically, I'm a Hufflepuff, but I relate more to the Slytherin quote. And sometimes my Slytherin side is a little more prominent
Every quirky, oddball was a wizard. Funny Harry Potter, Harry Potter Fandom,
Ravenclaw aesthetic Ravenclaw, House Rules, Drarry, Hogwarts Houses, Intp, Book Fandoms
That is actually very reasonable, but Dumbledore already explained the reason
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Find this Pin and more on Ravenclaw by Christine 🌊.
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This makes me so happy I'm a sly heron and i know sign language
--By loveGyy | I'm smilenced | Pinterest
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Harry Potter Ravenclaw Gryffindor Hufflepuff Slytherin House Knapsack Backpack (Ravenclaw Block Pattern). 100
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Ravenclaw, Harry Potter
I'm a ravenclaw and my husband is a slytherin. When we were dating we actually set fire to my sink burning pictures of my ex. We'…
Proud to be a Ravenclaw
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Harry Potter houses
Ravenclaw Riddle #4 Comment below if you think you know the answer, and let me know how these riddles are going for you, too hard, to easy, just right?
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Every road trip growing up, except no I net access so read books.
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Ravenclaw Phone wallpaper by ClarkArts24.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Hogwarts Crest, Hogwarts
Ravenclaw x Slytherin Friends 😂
well the reason why hermione's dress was pink instead of blue was because of basic skin tones. pink suited emma better than blue would have been, ...
Rowling is an inspiration to me. She shows that books can indeed cause flight of imagination and that even a single idea can change the world.
As much as i love them, I want ravenclaw aesthetics that are more than just 'book smells and stars, uwu' tbh
As a Ravenclaw I can indeed attest to being overdramatic all the time. See more. 1,000,000 Quotes App for Instagram /// quote hp hogwartshouses ravenclaw ...
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Ravenclaw by janlangpoako
Slytherin/Ravenclaw friendship
In fact, the sky is blue because of Raleigh scattering. White light coming from
Ravenclaw riddles pt 3
Seriously, if you're a Potterhead you need to read these. Funny Harry
political Ravenclaw Harry Potter Houses, Harry Potter Fan Art, Hogwarts Houses, Harry Potter
Im a hufflepuff but i feel like i would have more of the gryffindor response Harry
Hermione Granger Funny, Hp Sauce, Jily, Avpm, Harry Potter Pin, Hogwarts
Ravenclaw House — andrumedas: the hogwarts houses as van gogh... Hogwarts Crest
This is how I imagine Ravenclaw more < < < I agree, but I see the ravenclaw dorms as messy with books scattered all over the place
$7.99 - Harry Potter House Of Ravenclaw Crest Logo Embroidered Patch Unused Atb #ebay #Collectibles
Ravenclaw; heat that sis? And Mozz? You're gonna do just fine
"Ravenclaw" by pjo-maddy ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Nique, Tom Ford and Dondup
How I wish this was what Harry had while growing up... A family
House of Ravenclaw by DreamerWhit ..... the last of the christmas drawings
Pinner said: Fun fact: I'm naturally blonde and for most of my life, this is what my hair looked like. Here's one for my Ravenclaw babes .
Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure... Ravenclaw aesthetic Harry Potter Books,
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The perks of being a Ravenclaw — thebirdfromthemoon-art: Houses spirit
Ha”stupid-o-clock” Harry Potter Humor, Harry Potter Love,
Hogwarts house aesthetics: Ravenclaw Hufflepuff Pride, Ravenclaw, Harry Potter Places, Harry Potter
42w 206
Harry Potter Ravenclaw Crest Wall Plaque
Im a Groffindore but my sister is a Hufflepuff. Come to my rescue my... Griffinfriend? XD
harry potter funnies-- For all of my friends- particularly Ashley =) Hermione
I'm the Slytherin//// and I'm the ravenclaw
Ravenclaw // Air. Powers and abilities: levitation and flying, controlling the birds
10 Points to Each House for These Awesome Crests
Ravenclaw - Stained Glass Print Harry Potter Bedroom, Harry Potter Hogwarts, Geek Culture,
Go Ravenclaw!
Ravenclaw Harry Potter Things, Harry Potter Fandom, Harry Potter Girl, Harry Potter Hogwarts